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Who we are?

AssetZilla is a Real Estate Marketplace

Assetzilla is an online Real Estate Marketplace platform for buying and selling a property, residential or commercial spaces like house, villa, home or apartment.

Buying and Selling – Easy process

We cater to the needs of buyer and sellers by listing the properties of sellers and enable the buyers to search, compare and choose from a wide range of properties and then make a well-informed purchase decision. We make all the important yet complex process easy for both parties like deal closure, document verification, ownership transfer, and loan approval, registration, etc.

One stop junction for all you real estate research and decision making

We create comprehensive reports on properties which includes photos, map, floor plans, area, locality details which helps in analyzing the buyer about the property at the comfort of sitting at home.

What we do?

We aggregate all deals available in the market

We are a team of professionals with a passion of making the buying and selling of Real Estate assets easy for all. We collect deals from different sources, verify them and list them on our website to make them available for the buyer. We are the best source for pricing and availability of Ready to move and resale properties. We take care of the listing so that you can focus on your needs and business.

We only deal in 100% government approved projects.

We only deal in 100% government-approved projects. All projects are government-approved and we ensure 100% due diligence in terms of building plans, completion certificates, etc.

All our listings are verified by the respective local authorities, which we thoroughly validate before onboarding the projects/properties on our website. We do a detailed check of each property and list them only after it passes our eligibility criteria.

Tier-1 A-Grade projects/properties

We only deal in Tier- 1 Grade A properties. All projects are government-approved and we ensure 100% due diligence in terms of building plans, completion certificates, etc. We believe in providing 100% genuine properties and making them available for you to purchase.

Easy Comparison

By integrating all aspects and modifications for a final price estimate, you can readily compare the facilities and amenities in different projects/properties. The sales comparison method considers property, square foot rate, age of the property, connectivity, and many other factors.

Ready to Move in Projects

We offer you a complete range of ready-to-move-in projects for your dream real estate properties. Tailored to suit your location and budget, we have ample experience in handling the residential and commercial properties markets across India.

Our company is a team of experienced real estate professionals who have gone from one project to another, and know what it takes to turn a property into a home.

Resale Inventory

We have a wide range of resale properties available in Residential, Commercial and Retail spaces. All the properties on our website are approved by the local development authority. We offer quality management through a dedicated team of professionals who will support you every step of the way. Our services are tailored with our clients’ needs in mind.

How we are different/Useful?

All inclusive prices

No false promises

Proper Due Diligence,
Complete paper work

Transparent deals

Assetzilla is changing the way you invest your earnings!

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